Taktabrot: Veggspjöld, flugumiðar og annað prentefni úr starfi Breakbeat.is 2000–2012 is a book containing an archive of printed material forBreakbeat.is from the years 2000 to 2012.
The book contains more than 100 posters by over 60 local graphic designers, illustrators and artists. A signifigant fragment of Icelandic graphic design and club scene history. The book also contains over 30 posters by Ragnar Freyr.
The entire project was crowd funded in Iceland in February and March 2012. We set up a Kickstarter-esque site and asked people for support. Over 150 individuals and companies funded the project, accumulating in over 800.000 ISK. Enough for 400 printed copies of the book.
To aid the initiative we also set up a poster show in Artíma Gallerí in Reykjavík in March 2012. The show consisted of nearly 100 original posters.
More info (In Icelandic) and retailers can be found at bok.breakbeat.is